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It’s been a while since I started working with Facebook as a marketing tool. It was back the heady days of 2007 when robots in disguise were charming our pants off in the first Transformers movie, Facebook had a mere 100,000 business pages, and 0 PMDs. Quite a bit has happened since then. Now we’re looking at a fourth Transformers movie, over 15,000,000 business/brand pages and over 1.5 billion daily users. And the best part is it’s always changing, it’s always growing.

So the question for marketers and businesses is: How can we optimize our outreach in this mind-bogglingly vast community? Well, there are more than enough sources on the web with suggestions. I’ve taken the liberty of combing through many of them, using my own experience, and synthesizing what I believe to be the most important concepts. I hope you find them helpful…

Know Your Audience!

You may have…

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