The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

What is Social Media Marketing?

Its all about gaining website traffic or attention through various Social Media Networks accordingto Mashable.

Web Traffic Thermometer

Forbes states the some of the main advantages of a Company taking an active part in Social Media Marketing is that they increase their Brand Recognition as this is important because it simultaneously makes you easier and more accessible for new customers, and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers. Improving Brand Loyalty,  brands who engage on social media channels enjoy higher loyalty from their customers.

Social Media in a NUTSHELL

It can been seen in the graphic the possible power of Social Media as it gives a platform to a global audience for companies. China alone which is an emerging market has 35.5 Million users which is more than the population in most European countries.

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW Road Sign change ahead

Nothing stays the same with technology as it is always developing so what is popular this week might be a thing of the past next week. It is important for Marketers to stay up to date with the latest trends and INC provides 5 of the buzzing Social Media trends of 2014.

The Social Media Revolution of 2014

Considering where technology was 25 years ago, some people might argue that the Social Media Revolution is the biggest since the Industrial Revolution if not bigger. Watch the video below to check it out for yourself.

InternetLiveStats provide some cool and interesting facts and stats as to what is being uploaded to the internet every second, you will find the Social Media platforms most interesting.

Mobile Marketing Changing Our Ways

Mobile Marketing is changing the way in which businesses communicate as more and more consumers access the internet ,social media and email through their mobile devices according to Boot Camp Digital, which is illustrated by this info graphic below.

Mobile Marketing Stats 2014

Mobile Marketing Stats 2014

As stated above the average American spends two hours a day on a mobile device. Considering most people work the average 9 to 5 job that’s a considerable amount of leisure time to be spend on a device. We as consumer do not find ourselves surfing online through mobile devices consciously. It is now a case where more people find that their mobile device is their first screen replacing what would have the television. It can be seen from the stats provided by Marketing Charts that young people are becoming less influenced by television because they are watching less of it.

MobileSocial icons coming from a mobile phone - showing mobile marketing marketing is one of the newest and most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy. From website optimization to new opportunities for delivering your brand to an on-the-go customer via text and more, mobile marketing presents a number of exciting opportunities. offers some ideas on how to use Mobile Marketing to reach out to customers.

It’s obvious. The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile!

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